It is the biggest courgette producer in the Murcia region

Agromediterranea is starting the courgette campaign with investment in efficiency, innovation and sustainability

Valencia, October 21 2019

Agromediterranea, an agricultural producer and merchant which belongs to Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC), has kicked off its courgette campaign for both the national and international market after having undertaken important projects as for efficiency, innovation and sustainability involved in the growth of this vegetable. With these improvements, the company is aiming to guarantee maximum quality and shelf life for the product, offering the versatility and optimum service that its customers expect.

Specifically, Agromediterranea has made investments in its agricultural processing plant in Dolores de Pacheco (Murcia), with the aim to expand the storage capacity used for courgette and to improve its postharvest processes.

The plant currently boasts 2,800m2 temperature and humidity regulated chambers to store courgette, that comes from its own crops in ideal conditions. The improvements which have been instated have allowed them to improve the access to its loading and unloading docks, with an area that has been specially fitted out according to courgette requirements, which favours the quality and shelf life of the product.

As a specialist in courgette growth, Agromediterranea markets this product with the main distributors in Spain and exports it all over Europe. Within its assortment the company boasts different courgette varieties, from the traditional green courgette, in all its sizes, to the latest innovations such as round courgette, with its round shape, smooth taste and creamy texture. Similarly, it also offers these varieties with an ecological certificate, by means of its brand BIO Sun&Vegs.

Over the last year (2018), the company has grown over 18,000 tns of different courgette varieties, which makes it the main courgette producer in the Murcia region. The company boasts 275 hectares of croplands used for courgette crops, which are distributed both in open fields as well as greenhouses in the Campo de Cartagena (Murcia), Albacete and Almería areas.

Innovation and sustainability from the field

As a specialist in courgette growth and marketing, Agromediterranea bids for continuous innovation to improve its processes when it comes to efficiency and sustainability as well as offering products that adapt to its customers’ demands and cover customers' current needs.

In its bid for sustainability and the efficient use of its resources, the company has set out with the project "Zero Cucurbita", with the aim to reduce the use of plant-protection products in courgette crops, reaching 25% reduction levels. The project, that is already a reality at one of its crop estates in Águilas (Murcia), which has been developed in two ways: the biological fight with different insect tests, auxiliaries for pest for white fly control (Bemisia tabaco) and the use of recyclable blanket covering, as a passive measure for pest control.

Besides, the company boast an Agronomic Innovation Centre (CIAM) in the Valencian town of Monserrat, where trials are carried out for new variety studies and new, more sustainable ways to grow crops. In lockstep, Agromediterranea has developed a wide catalogue of products, straight from the field, with an ecological certificate, marketed under its brand BIO Sun&Vegs.

In 2018, Agromediterranea reached a 83,4 million €uro turnover and a marketed volume of 90,000 tns. It boasts an assortment of over 30 varieties and 5,000 hectares of croplands. The company distributes its products, both to national and international supermarket chains as well as to the fresh cut industry (processing), reaching 25 countries all over Europe with its assortment.

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* Photos: Courgette harvest at a cropestate in El Carrascal (Albacete)