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Sun&Vegs presents its organic assortment and biodegradable packaging

Valencia, January 29 2019

Mediterranean innovation and more sustainable agriculture for the modern consumer. Sun&Vegs, a brand that belongs to Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC), a specialist in production and processing of fresh and healthy foods, presents its organic product line at the Fruit Logistica fair that will be held in Berlin (Germany) from 6th to 8th of February.

With this assortment, that will be marketed under the brand BIO Sun&Vegs, the company shrives to cover the growing demand for vegetables and fresh produce with an organic stamp. Indeed, it's going to do so with a wide variety of certified references that include products like courgette, aubergine, broccoli and different types of lettuces. In addition, the company is developing other zero residual crops, from its Agronomic Innovation Centre in the town of Montserrat (Valencia), such as microgreens.

Biodegradable packaging alternatives

The company's commitment to innovation, sustainability and the environment has lead them to opt for the use of more sustainable packaging, preferably cardboard if the product permits, or otherwise, biodegradable plastic packaging. Several trials have been carried out, with different materials and types of packaging, by the company's R&D department, to find the most suitable packaging, always guaranteeing maximum food safety, freshness and product quality.

Similarly, Sun&Vegs touches down to this great sector summit with alternative packaging options, with these new biodegradable packaging which are 100% recyclable. Sun&Vegs' groundbreaking agricultural assortment biodegrades in a suitable atmosphere when it comes into contact with organic matter.

The organic vegetable segment had been growing continuously over the last few years and will be one of the growth drivers as for fresh produce in coming years both in Europe and in Spain. BIO Sun&Vegs is yet another example of Sun&Vegs' bid innovation and to offer an assortment of products adapted to the tastes and needs of the modern consumer.

Our own produce, from the fields to our customers

Alongside our organic assortment, Sun&Vegs touches down at Fruit Logistica with its latest agricultural developments, -such as the round courgette, sweetcorn, radish or aromatic herbs-, and there will also be an area focused on its fourth range products, everything from its ready-to-eat salads and bagged vegetables, to new categories for on the go consumption. On balance, a wide and varied range of products following the latest trends in healthy eating.

The company offers options adapted to every customer, under the distributor's brand name and own brand labels, as well as specific formats and products for channels like Food Service-Horeca or allocated for the development of the fourth range (processing), contributing a great deal of experience.

Sun&Vegs boasts over 20 years of experience in crop growing and vegetable processing. Its products are distributed to dozens of customers all over Europe.

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