Food Safety

GAC’s commitment in terms of food safety is permanent and is integrated throughout the company’s entire chain of production via our Quality Model.

In 2015 we invested 1.2 million euros in renewing and purchasing food safety and quality control equipment.

Our Quality Model

This Model allows us to guarantee the maximum level of food safety, freshness and quality, from the seed to the fork, as well as control our production and distribution chain. Among other factors it includes:

Supplier management model

An innovative supplier management model based on long-term planning.


An in-depth traceability system, from the field to the table.

Positive release

The positive release procedure is applied to all batches produced at our plants.

International certifications

All our plants have their own quality control laboratory –one of them has international accreditation (ISO 17025)–, and we have also obtained the most stringent, food safety and quality international certifications. Likewise, our agricultural suppliers have the international certification Global G.A.P.

UN Fourth Range

UN Nutrition

UN Agricultural