1. 1946

    Pioneers in exporting the taste of the Mediterranean all over Europe, thanks to the Ballester-Martinavarro family’s endeavor.

  2. 2000

    Our innovation offers health aware consumers the best solutions: our salads and vegetables in practical, prêt a manger formats came into being.

  3. 2003-2007

    We bring the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle to our consumers’ tables. Covering all Spanish territory, straight from our centres in Valencia, Malaga, Burgos and Tenerife.

  4. 2010

    Thanks to our innovative spirit and our experience, our new product concept based on nutritional balance is born. From Carlet, we offer specific solutions for children, athletes and different consumption time.

  5. 2013

    We start our own vegetable production in the heart of the Mediterranean, monitoring their origins, assuring our consumers of the maximum freshness, quality and variety.

At present

We present our healthy range of products, from the Mediterranean, to the world. We strengthen our commitment to healthy eating habits by developing new products and formats in response to current consumption trends.