With society

Our responsible strategy is applied in every field, allowing the general public, institutions, the educational community, social associations or corporate associations, inter alia, to take part.

We seek to contribute to society positively, following these clear principles:

We respect the environment by means if our countinuous improvement as for our agricultural practise, integral logistic planning and the efficient use of our resources at all our production centres and in all our processes.

We collaborate with the scientific and university world to generate a knowledge and innovation network that allows us to advance in our activity and in our sector.

We foster a healthy lifestyle among different public sectors by means of high exposure of the Mediterranean diet and sustainable consumption habits.

We support underpriviledged social groups with product donation and collaboration with charitable associations.

Global commitment

Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC) has been part of the UN Global Compact since 2011

We are also a member of the Cinco al Día (Five a Day) association to promote fruit and vegetables, and the Food for Life program against food waste.