One of the mottos we repeat constantly at GAC is “innovation is our company’s main ingredient”. We consider that our business, fresh cut products, is pure innovation. We produce tasty and high-quality vegetables, packaged and ready to cook directly in the microwave. Less than 20 years ago, most would have said “That is impossible!”

At GAC we view innovation as a cross-sectional pursuit, which is present in all of our processes: from the study of new methods of cultivation to the packaging in which we present the final product. All of this has a single goal: consumer satisfaction.

Own R&D&i team

We have our own R&D&i department, which collaborates closely with our suppliers, seeking new methods of cultivation that are more efficient and sustainable.

Latest technologies

Once at the plant, the raw materials are treated and controlled with the latest technology, to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

Healthy and tasty diet

In the kitchen, our experts test new recipes and formulas to offer end consumers a healthy and delicious diet that is adapted to all tastes and lifestyles.

Continuous investment in R&D&i

Every year, we invest around 2 million euros in R&D&i, which in 2015 translated into 39 innovations, mainly launches of new products and improvements to existing ones.
The objective is always to offer healthy and tasty products that are easy to cook or consume, in order to respond to current consumption trends:

Healthy diet

We work on fresh products; healthy and wholesome food

Easy to eat

We offer practical and manageable formats that save time and make the products easy to eat or cook


We constantly bring new products to the aisles and seek to increase our range