We are producers

Right from the seed to the the consumer's table: Our activity covers the entire production chain. We grow our own vegetables and transform them into healthy products, developed to the highest quality and food safety standards, always adding a good dose of innovation to meet the most demanding requests.

From our six processing plants we supply over a million product units on a daily basis. Our production capacity continues to grow, which makes us a reference company in the nationa agro-alimentary sector with great growth potential on the international.

Our Own Seedbed

With our own ten-hectare seedbed. We nurture and transplant 200 million plants and we take care of over 300 seed varieties, controlling the whole process ensuring that they grow to the highest quality standards.

5,000 hectares of open country crops

And our 225 hectares of multi-span greenhouses, distributed in a total of 25 agricultural estates located in the counties of Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Almería, Albacete, Granada and Tenerife, which allows us to guarantee our agricultural production 365 days a year.

6 Processing Plants

Over 50,000 m2 industrial surface area, From where, we supply over a million units of products on a daily basis which undergo rigorous inspections and quality certifications.

231 Homologated Suppliers

231 homologated suppliers that provided us with seeds, raw material, packaging and other material or ingredients necessary for our production. El 95% of the agricultural raw material ordered from these suppliers is national produce.